FATA (Fire/Air/Earth/Water) was my magic dream during the Quarantine. I dreamed of flying with the elements and merging with them.
Within the white walls of a room, FATA was the only portkey to Freedom, until: I saw Sardinia again.
FATA speaks through our senses, it is the intrinsic nature of man that leads us to elevate ourselves, even when we are forced to limited mobility. Truth dwells within us. The Moon, Queen of the Fairies, nobody can take it away from us. 

/// We are Lights playing with substance ///

I wish you all a safe and bright / inside / journey

Quarantine Feelings Project Clara. Marchesi

Clara Marchesi

Author – Screenwriter – Film Director – Constantly in contamination between words and images, my profession is to transform reality into magical art on the screen. From poetry to theater, from the stage to the big screen, from the page to the film, I dedicate my artistic research to the story of the contemporary world, leader of a tragicomic reality, reinterpreting it in an authorial key.

/// My writing is the pursuit of Freedom ///