Somehow music always, always saves me

‘Quarantine Feelings’ is an album of five music pieces I made while I was in quarantine in Rosario, Argentina. Each piece expresses feelings and emotions I went through that period. It was an opportunity to experiment a lot, to try new things.

This is a ‘self-made’ album. In other circumstances the album would have been done differently. I wrote, produced, recorded and mixed the music. The audio is a mix of what was available at my hometown, Rosario, Argentina and my home studio in Milan. It was a limit that became a challenge. The accordion, classic guitar and some ambience sounds were recorded with an usb mic!

Back in Milan, my friends musicians have joined the project and brought their magic to these tracks.

Compose, Produce, Record and Mix by: Camila Fawape

5 Tracks

5 Tracks

5 Tracks

5 Tracks

5 Tracks

5 Tracks

I imagined I was in the middle of the jungle, I had to survive so I adapted to nature and animals around me. But then I changed that environment into a more human habitat because at the end of the day I am a human being who creates. I guess I made this track because I was feeling everyday was the same and I was surviving, not living,‘til I started creating music again.

Percussions and Classic Guitar: Camila Fawape

The mood of this piece is pure banality. I was not inspired to write anything, that’s why I started playing with loops, but then I developed them into something more. I just wanted to move my body, not thinking. I was missing a lot partying, getting drunk with random people, nothing to compromise with, in search of banality. I didn’t want to hear the word ‘virus’ anymore.

Electric bass: Giulia Smordoni 

I have always wanted to write something for the french horn (It was Mozart’s favorite instrument, and I am a Mozart fan) but I have never had the opportunity before, so it was about time. I was feeling we were in a war, the whole world against the motherfucking virus. But I realize I was living my own internal war, me against my own demons. They decided to go out in a much more violent way while we were doing the quarantine.
Great demons, great time! Fuck you.

French Horn: Filippo Tramontana
Violin and Viola: Pietro Cirino

This piece is actually a request by my dear friend Marta. In her free time, she collaborates with a radio and she was doing a podcast and needed an opening song for it. She sent me a reference track. I decided to do it in my own style. At the end it’s not similar to the initial reference, at one point it’s almost an Argentine tango! I had a lot of fun doing this mix of sounds and styles.

Irish Bouzouki & Mandolin: Roberto Maria Sorrentino 
Violin pizzicati: Pietro Cirino
Electric bass: Giulia Smordoni 
Accordion: Camila Fawape

When I did this piece I was a mess, broken inside. I was lost, in an existential crisis. Uncertainty about everything. The repeating high note of the piano was what I was feeling, uncertainty, waiting, life on pause. I didn’t know exactly when I was coming back to Milan, the news was not encouraging. The Italian consulate, the airlines, the Argentinian law, none of them had precise answers. And I was very much missing my ‘normal life’ back in Milan.

Electric bass: Giulia Smordoni 
Accordion and Piano: Camila Fawape

Quarantine Feelings

An album by Camila Fawape

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The Composer

Camila Fawape

Camila Fawape is an argentine composer and musician, that lives in Milan, Italy. She makes music for films. She grew up in Rosario where she studied classical composition. She used to be part of the band DERIVA, where she was the lead singer and rhythmic guitar.
She’s dreamer, traveller, tennis player, love to hang out with her friends. She loves the concept of freedom and firmly believe in equality of all the human beings. She is convinced that music and art can save and unite persons, bringing down walls.